Brown Center for Students of Color

ONYX Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ONYX being held this year?

ONYX is being held at the Rhode Island Convention Center located at 1 Sabin St, Providence, RI 02903. A shuttle will be running throughout the event. The two shuttle stops will be located on campus in front of Brown RISD Hillel located at the corner of Brown and Angell Streets and in front of the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Why can we only invite (4) guest?

Due to the potential of meeting the maximum capacity for this event, seniors are allowed to invite up to 4 guest. This insures that all of our seniors have an equitable amount of invitations to this event.

What if this year’s events do not sell out, will I be able to purchase extra tickets?

There is a slight chance that we will be able to allow graduating seniors the opportunity to purchase additional tickets, however this is not guaranteed and will not be accessed until the middle of April.

Can I purchase tickets via the BCSC Website?

Tickets sales are individual based and only graduating seniors who receive an email from the BCSC will be able to purchase tickets. There is no access to purchase tickets via the BCSC Website.

As a graduating senior can I show up on the day of the event without reserving a ticket? 

All graduating seniors must RSVP for the event in order to be counted in this year’s ONYX events. There are no assumptions that all graduating seniors are attending this event, each person must register via the directions provided in the email sent to our graduating seniors.

I am a graduating senior ".5ers", can I also attend ONYX?

Yes, ".5ers" are welcomed to attend ONYX. However, due to the unpredictability of when or if ".5ers" are graduating or if they would even like to attend graduation events or not, we encourage all ".5ers" to reach out and contact the BCSC to be added to the respective listserv to receive any graduation specific information. We will do our best to communicate with all graduating seniors, but we also need your help to ensure our list is the most up-to-date.

Will I be able to sit with my guest and family during the events, will there be assigned seating?

There will be no assigned seating or seating charts for this program. We encourage all guest to arrive on
time to ensure you can locate seats and sit together. We will have volunteers and staff monitoring and
supporting seating to ensure all seats are used.

How much do tickets cost for my guest?

$25 per guest.

  • As a reminder, tickets for graduating seniors are free.
  • Graduating seniors will have access to purchase up to 4 guest tickets.
  • Be advised, after the initial round of tickets sales ends, if additional tickets are left over, graduating seniors may purchase additional tickets.

I filled out the waiver form, why can I only get a limited set of guest tickets?

If you are eligible for reduced priced tickets, and you filled out the waiver application, you are guaranteed
your set amount of limited guest tickets at your reduced price. You can purchase additional tickets at full
price during the unlimited ticket sales phase while supplies last.

What if I’m not eligible for reduced price tickets, am I still guaranteed access to my limited set tickets?

Yes! All graduating seniors will have access to purchase 4 guest tickets. Additionally, there is a
slight chance that we will be able to allow graduating seniors the opportunity to purchase additional tickets,
however this is not guaranteed and will not be accessed until the middle of April.

How do I know if I am eligible to receive reduced fee tickets?

You are eligible to receive reduced fee tickets if your financial aid family contribution is $5,000 or less. You
can check this by logging into Banner → Financial Aid section → Current Award Information → 22-23 aid
year → family contribution section. Please contact Financial Aid if you have any questions.

What if I am not eligible for waived tickets but I have an extenuating circumstance?

We understand that extenuating circumstances may affect your ability to pay for tickets at full price for your
guests. In this case, there is a section in the waiver application for you to explain those circumstances to the
extent you feel comfortable. You can also request to meet privately with Andrew Vincent, Assistant Director of the BCSC. 

When do I actually purchase the reduced fee tickets?

If you are confirmed to receive reduced price tickets, you will be notified prior to official ticket sales. You will
receive a unique code via email with instructions to purchase your reduced-price tickets.

Can I get more reduced tickets?

No, at this time we cannot make exceptions as there is limited seating available and every year
commencement tickets sell out.

I identify as Black and Latinx, can I attend both LCC and ONYX events?

Unfortunately, the commencement weekend schedule provides little flexibility. Both events have existed at
Brown for decades and take place at the same time. Although students who identify as both Black and
Latinx will need to self-select which event if any to attend. The good news is you can receive both an ONYX
and LCC stole. However, keep in mind priority for stoles will be given to those who attend the specific event.
If you are a student who identifies as both Black and Latinx and would like to receive both stoles please
complete the ONYX and LCC Stole form and we will mail you the stole you are requesting.

I identify as Native American and/or indigenous is the BCSC going to celebrate me and my family as a
Graduating Senior?

The BCSC has annually partnered with Brown University's Native American and Indigenous Studies
Initiative (NAISI) and Native American Brown Alumni (NABA) to celebrate our Native American and/or
indigenous graduating seniors. For more information about this year’s NAISI & NABA graduating senior
stole celebration please contact

I identify as Asian American, Multiracial, or SWANA, is the BCSC going to celebrate me and my family as a
Graduating Senior?

Yes! The 3rd Annual Senior Stole Celebration presented by the Brown Center for Students of Color is a new
tradition in celebration of our Asian American, Multiracial, and SWANA graduating students for successfully
completing their studies at Brown University. Held this year on Tuesday May, 23, 2023 days before
Commencement, the celebration will include an individual photo opt with stoles, culturally specific food &
music, and a brief message from an alum. In April 2023 Graduating Seniors from our Asian American,
Multiracial, and SWANA communities will be contacted to RSVP to attend our Senior Stole Celebration.

I identify as a student of color; however, I am a graduating graduate/medical school student, are graduate
students able to participate in any of the BCSC graduation celebrations or stole ceremonies?

At this time all BCSC graduation celebrations and stoles prioritize undergraduate students of color. We
recognize this is not ideal, in the near future we seek to grow our current partnerships with the Brown
Graduate School, and Medical School to honor the hard work of our graduate students of color. For inquiries
about celebrating graduate students of color of the c/o of 2023 contact your perspective
graduate or medical school department of student support or student affairs.

Still have questions or need more clarity...?

Please email Andrew Vincent, Assistant Director of the BCSC.