Brown Center for Students of Color

About BCSC

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) provides a place and space for students of color at Brown University to explore their identity, develop their leadership skills, and build a sense of community in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Our Mission

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) serves as a gathering place for communities of color. Students are encouraged to build meaningful relationships across difference, develop racial and ethnic consciousness, and enact change at Brown and beyond. The Center advances the University's mission of educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation by empowering students of color, cultivating leadership, facilitating critical reflection, fostering informed action, and promoting social justice.


White students already participate in the BCSC's signature programs, including the Third World Transition Program (TWTP), MPC Peer Counselor workshops, heritage series events, and staff positions. The new social justice peer education program will also provide an opportunity for all students to receive social justice, facilitation, and leadership training to present workshops to the campus community.

The Brown Center for Students of Color is a resource available for all Brown students regardless of race, color, or national origin.

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Our strategic plan is intended to produce sustainable change within the Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) and the wider campus community
Although the term “Third World” may have negative socioeconomic connotations outside of Brown, Third World students here continue to use the term in the context originating from the Civil Rights Movement.
The Brown Center for Students of Color name reflects the revised mission statement and is in alignment with other campus centers (i.e., LGBTQ Center, Sarah Doyle Women's Center). BCSC also signals a clear focus on students of color and thereby reduces confusion about who the Center primarily serves.