Brown Center for Students of Color

2021 Senior Commencement

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) is proud to present the 2021 Senior Graduation Celebration Videos!

Though we are separated by time and distance, our love and appreciation for the class of 2021 is strong. We honored the graduates through photos, video messages, and through a stole ceremony.

“ Dandelions are often mistakenly identified as weeds. They are aggressively removed, but they are hard to uproot ”

adrienne maree brown

For us, dandelions represent “Resilience. Resistance. Regeneration. Decentralization." No better words could describe the spirit of the class of 2021, and we are proud to honor who you are and what you’ve done for communities of color during your time at Brown.

2021 Multiracial Senior Celebration Video

2021 Asian/Asian American Senior Celebration Video

2021 Black Senior Celebration Video

2021 SWANA Senior Celebration Video

2021 Native American Celebration Video

2021 Latinx Celebration Video

These videos were a labor of love to our graduates and we want to thank the staff that worked diligently and tirelessly to organize and curate the masterpieces: 

  • Wassa Bagayoko '21
  • Leila Kashani-Sabet '22
  • Jimmy Richmond '22
  • Ope Olagunju '22
  • Ciara Sing '22
  • Ashlyn Lovato '23
  • Alexalee Gonzalez '23
  • Christine Mel '24