Brown Center for Students of Color

Bahati Nkera

Graduate Coordinator, GSOC Initiatives


Bahati Nkera was recently appointed as campus life’s Graduate Students of Color (GSOC) Coordinator. He is a Neuroscience PhD candidate researching the neural underpinnings of murine pheromone signaling and processing. When he’s not in lab trying to cook up the perfect love potion for his mice, you can find him zipping through campus on his bike, striking up conversations with other grad/med students of color, planning/attending GSOC community events, or writing/performing poetry. Alongside a passion for science, the arts, and community, Nahati also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Feel free to reach out to Bahati if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding GSOC life here at Brown. Bahati (and the BCSC at large) are also willing to help sponsor or develop any GSOC-centered initiatives that students or graduate affinity groups may have.